Menu Plan Monday 8/20/12

I'm ready!  To have a schedule once again will be fantastic.  I'm looking forward to Fall activities (although Florida Fall seems to still be in the distant future).  My plan this week is to use up the contents of my freezer and since I've not been cooking any significant amount, the freezer is still pretty full. Planning and cooking ahead definitely pays off and is going to work out great for this busy week ahead.  Here's to schedules, school supplies, and homework, although I don't think my boys would agree to that toast :D

(freezer meal)
Broccoli/Rice Casserole
Sauteed Squash
To Do: Nothing, freezer meal

(freezer meal)
To Do:  Nothing, all fresh tomorrow

Breakfast for Dinner
(look on the left for the deal, I can freeze the bacon in portions and I need all the other items anyway)
Eggs-Fried, Scrambled, or Omelet
Pancakes with homemade Very Berry Syrup
Bagels or Bialy
To Do:  Put chicken in marinade

To Do:  Make salad, make chicken taco meat with leftover chicken

Corn Muffins
To Do:  Put potatoes in the crockpot

Baked Potatoes with the Fixins
Leftover Salad

Yes, the menu is a little heavy on chicken this week, but that's what is in the freezer.  The only thing I will be purchasing is the bacon deal at my local grocery store.  I can use all of the other items for pantry and breakfast for the next couple of weeks.  The deal is not the "bees knees" of sales, but the bacon is our family favorite and fortunately, is freezes beautifully.
I'm not purchasing lunch meat this week :(  so peanut butter sandwiches and leftovers are what's on the menu for me for lunch.  
as always.....
happy Monday :)
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Freezer meal to make for the week Chicken Spaghetti.  I have all the ingredients and will need to restock the freezer!