I did it all in one day!

You know some days are significantly more productive than others for me.  Yesterday was a super duper productive one, yeah I was an overachiever!  I woke up pretty early and not only did I complete the items on my list, I cooked up a storm.  
I made:
  1. Roasted chicken breasts, with 2 quart bags frozen in addition to making sandwiches with some of it.
  2. Cookies for the jar.
  3. Sandwiches for the freezer.
  4. Chicken Stock.
  5. Chicken and Rice without the chicken for the Adobe Chicken Casserole.
  6. Taco meat for the Taco Bake later this week.
  7. Meatloaf for the freezer.
  8. Strawberry freezer jam/yogurt topping.
I also have determined that my freezer is entirely too stocked right now and I'm going on a mini pantry/freezer clean out for the next few weeks.  If we want something special, we're going to have to be creative or use something else, although I'm certain we won't be deprived.  Maybe I shopped extra, subconsciously, since our activities will be over the top in the immediate future.  I'm glad to know that shopping for food will be one activity that I don't have to participate in any time soon.