Cajun Chicken Pasta Review

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta. Photo by Calee

If you want a perfectly delicious meal then you should follow this recipe to a tee.  However, I kicked it up a notch as one of our tv celebrities is want to say, and added chopped onion, green peppers, extra cayenne, and extra basil to the mix.  I also didn't have any pre made cajun seasoning, so I made up my own with a little smoky cumin added.  
This was so simple, the onions and green peppers were already chopped and waiting in my freezer.  What a time saver!
I would say that this pasta came together in about 15 minutes and is definitely "do-able" for a week night.  In order to make it more figure friendly though, I'm trying evaporated milk, in place of the cream, the next time I make this.  
I'll let you know if this is a valid substitute.
This one is definitely a keeper though :D