Weekend To Do List

I've got to finish quite a few things today but I'm not rushing.  Today is all about relaxing and gently preparing for a few things.  So I'll extend this to do list for throughout the weekend.  I'm sure its gonna be a doozie by the time I'm done.

  1. Take Boy #2 camp shopping (the crunch is on he leaves on Monday)
  2. Plan menu for next week (the biggest eater will be gone) done and scheduled
  3. Laundry
  4. Banking
  5. Clean small spot on the carpet.
  6. Buy more Borax to finish remainder of perimeter of house.
  7. Straighten garage.
  8. Clean out fireplace, then wash wet dry vac.
  9. Move water dispenser to different area.
  10. Lay in the sun.
  11. Determine which chairs to keep for outside (carryover from last list)
  12. Pack a goody bag for Gatorland.
  13. Clean van out.
  14. Shop for food.
  15. Make a schedule on computer for working and numbers I am at for kids.
  16. Buy some plants for beside the mailbox.
  17. Trim rosebushes.
  18. Take back camp shopping stuff, buy socks and underwear.
  19. Wash the outside of my car. It's raining...again.
  20. Prepare dinner, cut veggies for easy prep
  21. Paint nails.
  22. Actually help pack the camp bag this year.
  23. Print out a map to camp.
  24. Get printer cartridge for the possessed one.
  25. Clean out email
  26. Reset sprinkler system
  27. Clip coupons
  28. Get Keurig filters at Bed, Bath, Beyond. Or order online going out there, have a coupon have to go to store
  29. Print out camper doc form
  30. Enter Kim's number to my drop in the pool phone
  31. Billing
  32. Wash dog
  33. Email realtor
  34. Get some school supplies
  35. Drive Boy #2 to camp
  36. Hang shower curtain and replace rugs
  37. Hang mirror
  38. Get fuel
  39. Schedule eye appt's
  40. Schedule full car check up
  41. Make list for guys around the house
  42. Pay my seester for trip
I'm only just getting started, I'll add to and mark off completed stuff as I go!