To Do List

Haven't made one in a while and Tuesday is going to be busy, busy, busy.  So here is my weekly make me feel like I've accomplished something list.  Who knows if I finish this one, I'll make another!

  1. Billing
  2. Repair radio in car
  3. Repair headlight in car
  4. Repair a/c in car(now need the rear a/c done)
  5. Call someone about a shot of freon to a/c in car my "hood" hubby has it handled :)
  6. Bills/check accounts
  7. Take phone to service center (I DO NOT know how it fell in the pool) using the old blackberry until my new one gets here
  8. Shop/Grocery Store
  9. Call interior shop for headliner fix--people swear I can do this myself!
  10. Replace rear relay switch for air--"hood" hubby might be able to do this too!
  11. Get car cleaned 
  12. Take recyclables
  13. Buy Boy #2 some camp clothes
  14. Nail down schedule for work week
  15. Talk to Dad
  16. Contact realtor
  17. Buy present for Aunt
  18. Balance checkbook, pay bills--have to stay home to do that!
  19. Laundry
  20. Start getting school supplies (check with Boy #1 about backpack)
  21. Pray, pray, pray non-stop!
  22. Have Boy #1 put down Borax, after I buy it
  23. Buy septic tank aid and put it in
  24. Decide which chairs to send to dump  My sister is taking them
  25. Decide on plants for front and back.
  26. Chop veggies, make spaghetti sauce for crockpot
  27. Fill out the survey
  28. Unhook battery so that clock is correct on car radio (the manual does not work as stated)
  29. Paint nails
  30. Do toes/heels
  31. Meet with yard man, and sprinkler guy for consult
  32. Clip coupons and clean out coupon holder.
  33. Give Groupons for hungry bear to whit and dad
  34. Make quick jelly topping for yogurt
  35. CVS
  36. Unload dishwasher
  37. Get groupon, coupon, hot dogs, and bacon for party
  38. Spend the day getting an infusion
  39. Contact potential new employer for yet another pool job.

I'm sure I will add to this list and I'll be marking out things as they get you well know for my sense of worth and a productivity measure.