Menu Plan Monday 7/16/2012

Summer fruit is one of the many reasons I enjoy this time of year.  Yes, I might complain that my eyeballs are sweating, but considering that Florida is my home state, I'm used to it.  Really, the majority of my most cherished, fun memories are from times where the thermostat is greater than 90 degrees, lol.  At least this year we are getting rain in the afternoons to cool things off.
I didn't shop last week so needless to say I'm needing a few things for the refrigerator.  The pantry is overflowing with options, but the refrigerator needs some attention.  I ate peanut butter sandwiches all week for lunch since nothing else was available :(  My goal is to incorporate things from the pantry with a few new things from the frig.  Because of schedule glitches, some of my menu options will look familiar, but we most definitely didn't eat out which is stellar.
Hope your week is full of ripe fruit and sunshine with showers!

No one is home but me,
 I'll eat cereal or something out of the freezer.

Birthday Party
Happy 80th Aunt Betty
We are eating at my Mom's house,
I'm bringing hot dogs wrapped in bacon for the grill.

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Green Veggie
Garlic Bread

Creamed Spinach


Parmesan Crusted Tilapia This Italian inspired dish features fresh tilapia baked with a delicious coating of fresh Parmesan cheese, butter and Parmesan crème.
Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
Rice Pilaf
Green Veggies


Photo Credit
Citrus Marinated Pork Chops
Lima Beans

Grocery Store Finds
(combined with some pantry staples)

Photo Credit
Beef Nachos
(Freezer Meal)

As I made up this menu, I am surprised that the only things I need to purchase are for lunches eg: lunch meat for sandwiches, lettuce, and fruit.  I even have milk available!  This makes 3 weeks that I haven't shopped seriously for groceries, and I think I may be able to do a "half" shop next week.  I'm quite proud that we have seriously put a dent in our stockpile and the rotation of goods is almost complete.  I am looking forward to reorganizing my storage areas.
and as always.......
happy Monday :D
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  1. stopping by from mpm at orgjunkie. love the picture menu!

    1. Thanks helps the teen boys in my house to have a visual. I hope it helps them start dinner!

  2. It all looks wonderful. But the bacon-wrapped dogs have got to be the kicker! Found you thru MPM.

    1. Thanks Lisa. I have to say those hot dogs are delicious!


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