Menu Plan Monday 7/1/12

The goal this week is to use up some of my stockpile.  It definitely needs to be eaten down a bit.  My rationale for continuing shopping each week, is that I have cooled it on the coupon clipping and usage.  The time it takes to prepare for a shopping trip coupled with the fact that most of my local stores have changed their coupon policies, doesn't balance on the positive side for me to search and visit stores more than once weekly.  On the other hand, using available coupons combined with BOGO sales makes it totally worth it to stay aware of what is on sale. that I have gone on and on....I'm still stockpiling :)
but, I'm running out of room.  We will be eating some pretty good stuff, albeit with some missing substituted ingredients.  To be quite honest, it might take longer than a week to notice a difference in the shelves!

Here are some possibilities for the week, in no particular order.  I'm also going to make ham salad for lunches this week, monkey bread (box mix from Aldi), push the cereal, prep fresh veggies for easy use, and offer more than one vegetable per meal.  This ought to help with the overabundance in the freezer and frig.  Next week we can focus on canned items!
  1. honey mustard chicken pasta
  2. flat bread pizzas
  3. hot dogs and hamburgers, baked beans, creamer potatoes.
  4. apricot chicken in the crockpot
  5. barbequed ham sandwiches
  6. spaghetti and meatballs
  7. BLT sandwiches
Even my list is simplified this week with no pictures or To Do lists.  I'm hoping that the freedom to be creative will strike and I'll come up with something "fantabulous"!
    Hope your Holiday week is fun filled with sun and sand.
    as always......
    happy Monday :D
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