Lemon Blueberry Summertime Muffin Review

The batter tasted good, the muffins taste Great!  I loved them.....and did you know that blueberries in baked items straight from the oven hold a lot of heat.  It didn't even matter that I burned my face off.  Yummy!  They are moist and absolutely taste like cake.  The streusel topping carmelizes and serves as an icing but I think that a lemon glaze would be really great too.  One of the many reasons that I like muffins or cupcakes is that they are portion controlled....except when you eat two and then later on eat another one.  Yes, that makes three muffins in one afternoon.  I feel bad, yes my friends, unbelievably guilty.

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Although it is very unusual for me, I followed this recipe exactly.  Next time I might take some "liberties" with the ingredients, but for now I'm claiming this as a summertime favorite.