Tuesday To Do List

It's raining, motivation is low....but I'm going to attempt to accomplish a few things.  I've already done most of the cooking for the week, so today will be filled with housekeeping and kid chores.  As usual I'll update as I go :)

  1. Take Boy #1 to eye doctor.
  2. Take Boy #2 to doctor after picking him up from a friend's house. changed to Friday
  3. Laundry
  4. Put all clothes away.
  5. Straighten bedroom, kitchen, family room.
  6. Go by warehouse didn't have to, Boy #1 already did.
  7. Have blood drawn.
  8. Call physician.
  9. Paint nails
  10. Billing x 2 days
  11. Make salad and pack lunch
  12. Call Debby
  13. Text everybody.
  14. Repair cords on television.--boys are going to fix tomorrow
  15. Go to pharmacy.
  16. Give the animals their flea treatment.
  17. Get some saline for eyes.
  18. Get books from Whit--tomorrow
I'm sure there is much more to do but I'm just not remembering right now, so I'll add and mark off as the day goes.