My Tuesday To Do List

I didn't write a meal plan this week and since I now feel like a bit of a loser, I'm going to write a list to make what I do accomplish today make me feel better, lol.  Hope it works!

  1. Check email and respond.
  2. Billing
  3. Print out bank info
  4. Print out bargain shouter stuff
  5. Put chicken in the oven
  6. Decide on loosely based meal plan.(Boys #1 and #2 are gone a lot this week)
  7. Return texts.
  8. Start laundry
  9. Balance checkbook
  10. Pay bills
  11. Clean out car Sort of
  12. Take Boy #2 clothes
  13. Put laundry away
  14. Lay in the sun and read a book :) sun keeps slipping behind the clouds--did it!
  15. Turn on sprinklers for early morning 
  16. Take garbage to the curb
  17. Have Boy #1 take recyclables  he's doing tomorrow
  18. Call Boy #2
  19. Organize coupon holder and clip coupons.
  20. Get a coke from the jiffy (my summer pleasure)
  21. Iron work clothes.
  22. Call Chris-gotta do it tomorrow
  23. Call Whit
  24. Call Bill about computer--doing tomorrow
  25. File away bills
  26. Make chicken, take off the bone
  27. Boil eggs, potatoes make potato salad
  28. Chop and cook squash
  29. Bake potatoes for lunches
  30. Make chicken and rice
 That's what I'm starting with, it's 10:30......not so bad if I hurry!  I'll update as I go.

*****I did pretty good.....I even entered a second set of billing for my client...and now I'm tired.  I SWEAR I'm going to bed by 10 pm!