What I'm Doing Right Now

Sometimes life is sweet and today.....good things are happening.

Here's my 

  1. Boy #1 paid for his insurance without me even asking :)  (he's college aged and works a job that allows him to have some responsibility)
  2. I have a back yard full of college age boys....being boys and wanting to eat, so they are having a cook out.  They are also cooking for me!
  3. They are swimming in my pool that gets used way too little for what it cost me to put it in!
  4. Boy #2 has tennis lessons and NO homework, so he's happy.
  5. I'm going to a championship little league game for one of my surrogate neighborhood children.
  6. I got off work really early.
  7. I found 2 dresses that look great, are comfortable, and were on sale!
  8. My shorts are too big :D
  9. My skin is clear.
  10. Work starts at 9 tomorrow instead of 7.