Picnic Chicken Review

Oven-Fried Picnic Chicken

Picnic Chicken!  This recipe turned out really well......we all thought that it was a keeper.  I think that the buttermilk soak made the chicken supremely moist.  Since my Boy #2 read me the directions....either we can consider the length that I soaked the chicken as one of my improvisations or a mistake that that went right :)  I soaked the chicken in the buttermilk for about 20 minutes, then coated the chicken as directed.  However, I found that the chicken was completely done at 30 minutes.....so be sure to check yours so you don't end up with no "dry chicken."

Tip #1:  Add 1 tbs vinegar to 1 cup regular milk to make buttermilk.  Just allow it to sit for about 5 minutes and Voila...no running to the store for a carton of buttermilk that you have to search for reasons to use before the expiration date. Whew that was a mouthful...but so true.

Tip #2:  I used the butterfly method to separate each boneless breast in to two portions so that each piece was of uniform thickness.

Hope you enjoy.