Friday To Do List

Happy Friday everyone.  I have seriously been falling behind on my posts over the last few weeks. 
 I'm confessing that I didn't do my one assigned to self task this week.  I didn't test the recipes for the Crazy Cooking Challenge. My life got in the way.  
 Well I'm going to do that on Saturday, just in time to do my post for the linky party.  So if you read my menu plans, sorry for the repeat but since we love grilled cheese, I'm going to try and make all three of the recipes.....
I guess we'll see what life happens on Saturday. lol
However, here is a To Do List for me today :)
  1. Print bank statement information.
  2. Balance and pay bills.
  3. Continue laundry.
  4. Call hospital for case load.
  5. Shop for deals--cash for yard, farmer's market.--made list
  6. Enter billing. Tried need levels done
  7. Lay in the sun and read my book. no sun i was thwarted
  8. Plan menu for week.
  9. Catch up on emails and such.
  10. Take acls pre course.
  11. Call kim.
  12. Call mom.
  13. Call dad.
  14. Relax, relax, relax (I'm working straight through after today until next weekend)

As usual, I'll mark things off as I do them.  Hope your day is great...and I hope that you get to eat chocolate cake :)