To Do List

Oh I'm so excited to actually have a day to complete some necessary things.  However, everything is overshadowed by the fact that I didn't get off of work until midnight last night.  And being the non sleeping person that I am, I wasn't able to turn in until around 1 am.  It so decreases my desire to have an accomplished day but.....a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  So here is the target list.

  1. Make this for an easy meal later this week or next.(on top of stove) couldn't do it because the hungry wolves children ate all of the ham.
  2. Read and reply to email.
  3. Shop for this week's sale at Publix.
  4. Make hamburger patties
  5. Straighten frig.
  6. Laundry and laundry room process
  7. Straighten house completely. except for boy #2 room, he can do when he gets home from school.
  8. Pay bills, balance check book. may have to wait till thursday
  9. Do extra side work on computer
  10. Make crock pot meal for tomorrow.
  11. Straighten pantry.
  12. Put away all items "hanging" out. mostly at this point, kitchen to go.
  13. Clean windows of car ( a lovely hard water sprinkler did a job on them)--I I'll wish I had remembered tomorrow!
  14. Pick up Boy #2 from bus. stay tuned for the rest of the story
  15. Call Dr E.
  16. Iron clothes 2 sets

I'll update as I go......wish me luck.