Spicy Sausage Pasta Review

This recipe has been one of the most simple ones I have made recently.  The taste must have been good......however, I wouldn't know as I had cereal for dinner while working late.  My boys though, called to find out if they could eat the rest.....so it must have been great!  I used homemade chicken stock and rigatoni noodles because that's what I had in the freezer and pantry.  I also cheated and used pre-grated cheese because I had that due to a sale. Using that pre shredded stuff can also be attributed to my personal laziness.  I can only imagine the richness of this dish had I grated my own cheese.  It always seems to be a lot more ooey and gooey when I take the extra time to do that :) Regardless, I would recommend you try this one soon!