Saturday To Do List

As usual.....update as I go :)
  1. Call Mom and tell her garage sale is next weekend
  2. Text Boy #2 about mowing
  3. Get up and go to work! Yay did it!
  4. Print out all account activity. Printer not responding, again with the attitude!
  5. Balance check book and pay bills.
  6. File things. Yuk!
  7. Make grocery list.
  8. Go to Sam's for toilet paper, paper towels.
  9. Grocery Store
  10. Bread Store
  11. Cut vegetables for easy access this week--tomorrow
  12. Cook some things for week.
  13. Straighten out frig.
  14. Text Dad for pool guy address
  15. Call Seester
  16. Text Angie
  17. Get car washed.--tomorrow its looking like rain
  18. Take supplements to Dad--he wasn't there, i'll get them to him tomorrow
  19. Take Boy #2 to tennis.
  20. Fix sign in yard--I may delegate!