Oh no I won't!

Due to life's crazy busy-ness, we weren't able to have the dodgeball extravaganza birthday party for my Boy #2 in January.  Over spring break, I decided to make up for the gargantuan loss he has experienced.
(there should be a sarcasm font) 
 Well, I now am off the hook, free and clear, and should have a few kudos coming my way.  Not only did I drive Boy #2, and a friend to the midnight premiere showing of the Hunger Games, I went back to the movie theater and picked them up at 3 am. (An amazing feat since I don't do so well after around midnight)  The next morning, I was up and perky awake, and we drove about 1 1/2 hours to a water park, where he and same said friend spent the entire day frolicking.
  I was able to lie very still on a reclining chair. 
The next morning  I drove him to his tennis lesson and spent an hour busying myself until he was done.  Later that day, he went to a friend's birthday party and around 10:15pm, I picked him up.  The morning after that, I was up really early and went to work for a few hours.  During all of this, I did 5,000 loads (small exaggeration) of laundry, made dinners and a few freezer meals, went to the grocery store, and cleaned out the frig. 
 I should state that I was chipper, friendly, and smiling while I was doing all of these tasks.
 I believe that I have fulfilled my motherly birthday duty for celebrating an important life event
(even if it was 3 months late), and I would do it all over again
for the midnight movie.
I will not be doing that ever again.
Just sayin.........;)


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