The "I get to do" List

I read something the other day that hopefully helps bring joy to mundane daily activities.
Yep, if you use the phrase "I  get to do" these things, it not only gives you a sense of accomplishment, but helps you find the redeeming quality about each item.  And.....I am so about the finding the redeeming quality in every situation.  So here's the Friday list, with the redeeming quality in parentheses :)

  1. Fill out the financial aid info (just a back up) for Boy #1 and my niece. (spending some quality time with my fantastic 18 year old, my sister, and my niece)
  2. Make tabs for my expand file, and file the things hanging out for this year. (feel a sense of accomplishment in my organization)
  3. Call the lawn guy (working on beautifying my home)
  4. Schedule a few days at the beach for spring break (get to spend time with my 15 year old)--It's also a surprise (make him a surprised and happy kid)--gotta wait for sis
  5. Tennis match (watching boy #2 do a sport he loves) rained out
  6. Shop for deals (organized for the weekend and a free Saturday)
  7. Make menu plan and prep for week (organized and a free Sunday)
  8. Go through the recipes for the Crazy Cooking Challenge (pure pleasure)
  9. Make dinner (eat healthier and feel better)
  10. Call Chris, Angie, Kim, Jamie, and Karen (reconnect with friends)
  11. Buy ticket to Macy's play (watch truly talented kids perform) getting it there
  12. Talk to Dad (feel settled about decisions) not at the warehouse
  13. Car washed (clean car, happy Mom) it's raining
  14. Balance check book (again, organization=less stress)
  15. Schedule pay off for Capital One ( one more step toward debt free)
I'm sure I'll add on by tomorrow in the morning, but for now that's it.  Happy Friday to all!