To Do List

After a "To Do" list break, I've decided to make one for tomorrow and the next day.  I am typically working on Thursday's, and Friday's, but due to an out of town tennis match and a doctor's appointment, I'm taking the days off.  I'm hoping to make them productive ones :)  Here goes.

  1. Staples--color cartridge for the cantankerous printer, expand a file folder for yearly the filing thing, but no color cartridge...they were out.
  2. Health food store for markdowns.
  3. Laundry (again, and again)
  4. Make dinner (we had cereal last night, the big boy forgot to plug in the crockpot)
  5. Straighten up the house.
  6. Call the carpet cleaner. done and carpet cleaned
  7. Make homemade Febreze. will have to put off, bought a bottle to use
  8. Order more Capstar for Molly.
  9. Call for grooming for Molly and get a leash that works!
  10. Ask about spray for the yard.
  11. Find out about lawn maintenance/pool maintenance costs. coming on Wednesday
  12. Check the deals at the grocery
  13. Talk to Dad he's out of town
  14. Make Chiro appointment. think i'm good appt on Tuesday
  15. Call Allison for appointment
  16. File coupons
  17. Dr. Appointment on Friday am. lost 6lbs since last visit Yay!
  18. Thrift store shopping (just cause I wanna)
  19. Pay off a few things. Yay!
  20. File all of those things I bought the expand o file for.
  21. Order b12 and trochars
  22. Pick up prescription
  23. Get coffee filters
  24. Go by Sally beauty
  25. Fill up gas tank before prices go up.
  26. Select recipe for Crazy Cooking Challenge
  27. Shop for food
  28. Make cake
  29. Buy present
My goal is to start eating better on a more timely schedule to lose about 8 lbs by summer, so my to do list and planning are steps in the right direction.....