Printer Rant

I have a Kodak wireless printer that has a SERIOUS attitude (or an owner without any common sense)!  Now when the monthly call for an ink cartridge shows up in the corner of the print screen of my laptop, I typically remove I have my talented teenager remove it from the machine.  I then go to my local office supply store which gives a credit for the used cartridge and purchase a few to keep me from going back too often.  He then replaces it according to the manufacturer's instructions and then I attempt to print something.  It never works.  I can't determine why, or any factors that may influence why.  Oh yes, it prints the test page just fine, the connection from the laptop states that the machine should be printing just doesn't!
I think machines that I own must come to life while I sleep and come up with plans to thwart my attempts at
And then, when I don't care whether or not it prints at suddenly does.  It spits out everything that I attempted to print previously.
Kodak HERO 5.1 All-in-One Color Ink-jet - Printer / copier / scanner

I wish it would just get over its self!  I got work to do.


  1. Agreed, my printer is an Epson and it never agrees with anything that I say.


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