Menu Plan NOT

I've not made one thing I've planned this week with the exception of the beef stew for Monday.  Tuesday I used the leftover beef stew to make a rich, hearty beef noodle soup for the boys to have as an easy breakfast and/or lunch. Oh and yes, also on Tuesday,  I made Chickpea, Bacon, Spinach Pasta which was as tasty as always.  Wednesday, my family made Kung Pao Chicken Stir Fry although none of them thought much of the dish.  I came home around 9 pm, so it tasted okay to me. I would have much rather had cereal, but alas, we were out :(  Today we had a rotisserie chicken meal paid for with a gift card since Boy #2's  tennis match didn't get over until after 7pm.(which he won, Yay!)  Thankfully, I defrosted some ham so I made a macaroni and cheese casserole that can be placed in the oven tomorrow before I even consider serving the frozen pizza that I have stockpiled due to recent sales.
Really, I just haven't been hungry so the amount or quality of food didn't interest me this week.  Good for the waistline, bad for any plan that was in place.
Hopefully I feel better and have more motivation next week.
I'll keep you posted :)