Menu Plan Monday 2/6/12

This is the type of days that we have been having in our season (term loosely used) of winter here in Florida.  I think it has been perfect weather, but if our summer turns out to be as hot as our winter has been warm, we might just melt!
I decided to take a break over the last week due to life events that have commandeered my attention, but we did eat at home and quite well I may add.  
We ate a main meal salad, baked spaghetti, roasted chicken, whole wheat flat bread chicken melts, and oven tacos.  Pretty good for no plan if I say so myself.  And even if I don't really want to plan this week, I'm going to in order to avoid confusion with my boys!  So here goes............
Hope your week is blessed and thanks for stopping by!

Beef Stew
To Do:  Put chicken in frig

Grilled Pork Chops
Sauteed Green Beans
To Do:  Make chicken cutlets and flash freeze, make sauce for pasta

Garlic Toast
To Do:  Wash veggies make salad, pack lunch

5 Grain Baguette
To Do:  Freezer meal

Steamed Broccoli

Well, this is about all I can do, nothing that is super hard or complicated.  I can make these ahead on Tuesday since I actually don't any meetings scheduled.
I'm also happy to say that I feel much better having a plan written down.....
even if I don't stick to it, lol

as always.....
happy Monday :o)
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