Frozen Yogurt Delightfulness

My Mochi frozen yogurt shop is my new favorite obsession.  I'm not a serious ice cream fan, as a matter of fact, I buy ice cream for the boys in my house but I rarely get any.  By the time I decide I might want a cone or cup, it's all gone.  Seriously, I'm not usually disappointed, I'd much rather have cookies :o)

But, MY MOCHI is yum, yum, yummy!
I like the plain 'ole original which is tangy and not terribly sweet like plain yogurt. I also like the taro version which is also tangy and not super sweet either.
They have lots of other flavors like, coconilla, cheesecake, chocolate, vanilla, and a weekly smattering of rotating flavors.  Paired with the fact that any and every topping in the world is available makes for one tasty confection.

However, one particular topping stands out, I call them juice balls.  They are a gelatin sphere with a strawberry or mango juice filling.  Does anyone remember Freshen Up gum?  The textures of ice cream and little juice balls is outstanding!

This is a healthy version of my new obsession

This is the souped up version with candy toppings
See the spheres in the middle of the picture.....those are the delectable juice balls!
If you have one in your area, you should go....use the tasting cups to try before you buy, guaranteeing that you will love your purchase.  I say light on the yogurt, heavy on the juice balls.