Crockpot Chicken Review

Yes, the menu plan varied again this week due to missing ingredients in my freezer.  My memory failed me and when I made my list, I didn't think I needed to physically check the freezer. Hah!  I guess from now on I need to be walking around the kitchen, checking for ingredients using my eyes not my memory. lol
Anyway, I had a bag of frozen chicken breasts so I made this recipe that I found on that I had wanted to try anyway.  Ironically, a friend of mine had made the same one the day before, so I had a frame of reference.  
The picture from the website shows that the finished product looks like this.....

but mine wasn't quite as pretty.  However, it was very tasty.  I put frozen breasts from a bag directly in the crock, poured the sauce over the night before, and placed the removable crock in the refrigerator.  Then I had my lovely son plug it in the next morning before he left for class.  Couldn't be simpler!  The semi frozen breasts cooked for approximately 6 hours.  The breasts held together enough that they could be eaten with only a fork, but they weren't falling apart or "shredded" style.  I served the chicken with rice pilaf, and sweet peas.
We had some leftovers that I packaged in to lunch size portions for the next day, making this a definite keeper since by noon the next day everything was eaten up.
In conclusion, I'm just pleased as punch when a crockpot recipe delivers on taste and texture.  You should try this one.  Just monitor for cooking time with your appliance :o)