Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday Dinner Review

We were all in the mood for some comfort food today and nothing screams comfort like a big 'ole pot of something on the stove.  So......looking in my cupboard, frig, and freezer I came up with ingredients for Potato Ham Chowder.  This is a quick almost always have the ingredients in the pantry type of meal.  I typically have a bag of frozen ham cubes in the freezer for easy weeknight meals, so this one was a no brainer.  It especially comes in handy since I have only shopped for essentials over the last few weeks.

We also are going to have corn muffins......

Photo Credit

or hot flaky biscuits.............

and coconut cream pie from my bff's Nonni......

And if I feel like it, I'll stop by the store for a fire log since tonight will be chilly willy :o)

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