To Do List for Wednesday

I'm so moving along right on schedule for getting my house in order during this break from work. I swear the garbage men must have thought we were moving out today!  I had some appointments outside of the home today and I was counting on everyone else carrying on with my plan, but to be quite honest, my agenda isn't everyone else's.  Once I got home though, I finished up with my list,(made everyone participate in my priorities, although unwilling)  but laundry is ongoing!  We even went to a movie and yogurt shop as a family tonight, Yay!   
Okay, here is tomorrow's list, I'll mark it off as I go.  Happy hump day or my vacation is half way over day :(

  1. Take donations (I have even more than I did the day before)
  2. Have boy #1 take recyclables.
  3. Change out comforter and shower curtain in my room (re-purpose from clean out)
  4. Take boy #2 to tennis
  5. Get new shirt for Gator game this weekend for boy #2, new toe nail polish, bathroom stuff for bedroom (just new mats, maybe decorative towels)
  6. Keep on doing laundry.
  7. Clean out area where my cookbooks are.
  8. Toe nail repair.
  9. Grocery Shopping.
  10. Squeeze oranges for juice.
  11. Plan menu and freezer cooking for next week.
  12. Text my office for work schedule (if any) on Thursday.
  13. Update my calendar with new numbers etc.
I think that is the most major of the things that I need to accomplish tomorrow....I still have more I need to do on Thursday so're gonna get another sorry but it sure is keeping me on track.  Now that my tub is fixed, I can take a nice stress releasing bath. to you soon!