My Grill Is Back in Action

You know people are really adaptable.....I use my grill normally 2-3 times per week.  It's convenient, healthy (except for the burnt parts), and very tasty.  It also decreases the amount of dishes that I am required to wash.  But lately, I have had to resort to stovetop or oven baked meats and I haven't even realized what I was missing.
You see, for the last 2-3 months, my poor grill had a mystery illness.  We really couldn't determine what the problem was, but the tank kept running out of gas.  Now, when that happens once, well, I have been known to leave it on for lengthy period of times...(I was burning off the bits of food, making my cleaning job easier) but not two and three times.  Really, after the first time, I made sure that I turned it off, but the testosterone palace didn't believe me.  We even shut the valve off completely at the tank and it still happened.
So after further investigation during our extended time off.....I have been vindicated....the valve was stuck in the open position.  And....I was the one that suggested using the compressor to blow it out, which actually reset the valve.
Hmmmmm......would you just look at that?  Just look at it.
I'm not gloating....I'm less dish to wash ;o)