Monday To Do List

I have lots to do today....not like last Monday where I had everything completed.  Food for the week is done, but the rest....oh the rest.  I'll start at the top and work my way down I guess.
  1. Two bank runs
  2. Make Christmas list with budget
  3. Go by warehouse fill out paperwork
  4. Balance checkbook and enter items to quicken
  5. File bills--Waaa I don't wanna
  6. Laundry--half done
  7. Some self care :o)
  8. Pack lunch and dinner for tomorrow
  9. Make plan for work gifts
  10. Look for poinsettias or small lighted trees for out front--oops forgot
  11. Shop with boys for jeans etc....this is so hard and time consuming...they just don't care!  Thank the Lord that's over
  12. Stocking stuffers--no time
  13. Get bday gift--couldn't find what I want to get
  14. Wash car
  15. Hang wreath
  16. Write post for the Crazy Cooking Challenge for Wednesday and email Tina
It doesn't seem that overwhelming, but everything is time consuming.....I guess I should get going. Waaaaaa.
I'll report back with my results.