Friday Dinner Review

At boy #1's request, we had.....

It was super duper simple because...I'm bought rotisserie chicken already made to add in this dish.  When the cost of a rotisserie chicken is less than one not cooked well then, you have to buy it!
The only thing I did different in my own recipe was to sautee onions and peppers, add chicken, then stock, soy sauce, honey, peanut butter.  I allowed those to meld together then used a 1:1 ratio of corn starch and water and added to the pan after I had brought it to a boil.
I dirtied less dishes and the taste was not affected at all!
AND....our little secret Shhhhhhhh...
I used whole grain pasta from Aldi (thin spaghetti noodles) and my family loved it and didn't even notice.  They didn't recognize the box so I just threw it out before any of them ever got a good look ;p
This remains one of our favorites, it's just so good!