Monday To Do List

I have been so lucky to be off of work from my main job due to the kindness of one of my co-workers.  She worked a Friday for me so that I could coordinate a 6 day off stretch! Thanks again, Mary :o)  However, I did work my second job over the weekend so I still have a list to complete today...never ending.....

  1. Take Boy #2 to school
  2. Change purses
  3. Color hair
  4. Laundry, laundry, laundry.  In the process
  5. Make dinner
  6. Clean up the kitchen
  7. Self care
  8. Start the exercise program Yay--feels good to do something
  9. Type resume
  10. Appointment
  11. Pick Boy #2 up from bus.
  12. Make bed
  13. Enter items to quicken
  14. Have Boy #1 take recyclables
  15. Give Boy #1 deposit for tomorrow
That's it! Even though there is not much on the list a few of the items are really time consuming eg: resume, quicken