Cavatini/ Ziti Casserole

This time I made this dish!  I have threatened everyone and written on the container of cottage cheese to NOT eat it!  I have tried time and again to no avail to get this recipe completed and today, I say I did it!.  
Here's the link I followed.  I didn't use the "cavatini" pasta.  I used plain ole ziti...but I think it will be a great rendition.  This also appears that it will be a great freezer meal, but we're going to have it for dinner tomorrow, so I'll try freezing the casserole next time.
Here's a picture of the "uncooked" version.  I'll report back and let you know how it turned out :p

Picture prior to comes out like any other
baked pasta dish....brown and bubbly!

**Good news...this is a GREAT dish that is was wildly popular for my family and if truth be told, they did not complain that it didn't have any meat.  I think that I am going to make another for the freezer this weekend so we'll have a "fast food" meal.  I may even try to find some of the different shape pasta to make it even prettier.


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  2. Thanks! I'll be sure to check out your blog...the cooking challenge was fun!


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