Tuesday To Do List

I'm on vacation for the remainder of the week and really want to accomplish lots of stuff (i'm hoping).  Here's my work in progress list.

  1. Take swimsuit back to Sam's.
  2. Find tennis shoes for Boy #2 and Mom
  3. Clean and organize freezers
  4. Clean out under laundry counter, and cabinets in laundry room
  5. Prep game room for painting, buy paint and supplies
  6. Color hair and hair appt
  7. Medical Appt
  8. Get tennis shorts and tees for Boy #2 for camp
  9. Some freezer cooking for next week
  10. Make eye appt's
  11. Provide info to college for Boy #1 scholarship
  12. Order True Lemon
  13. Purchase massage Groupon
  14. Get Boy #2 hair cut (Yay Mamaw!)
  15. Get car washed after repair of headliner (poor Bessie is getting old)
  16. Shave Molly (the dog) and give a bath
  17. Balance both accounts
  18. Dry basil
  19. Order pet meds
  20. Clean out craft corner
  21. Clean off counter and reorganize that area
  22. Straighten my closet
  23. Iron uniforms
I've done the major chore for today......I cleaned out both freezers and reorganized so I'm aware of what's in there.....and all like items are together. The others are things that I have to do anyway with the exception of game room do over and I'll need hubbie's help to actually accomplish what needs to get done.
I know you are waiting with baited breath....so I'll keep you updated :o)