Menu Plan For Vacation Week 7/11/11

We are so blowing this popsicle stand for bigger, better areas....(although, things may be a bit wetter where we are going), we are still going to have a blast!  Three families are going to be sharing a large house at the beach, and the majority (99%) of us are doing this on a budget.  That means planning meals that we can cook and share.  We know we are having these main items, although we have no idea what day we will be eating them.

  1. Lasagna (2 pans to feed all of us)
  2. Grilled steaks (we are bringing our own meat and cooking on the grill)
  3. Mexican night (freezing and taking taco meat) and we'll buy the fresh stuff there
  4. I have some chicken pieces marinated in this, which has quickly become a family favorite :o)
I think that's it....we may eat out or find a pizza joint to order from.  Lunches are whatever we have and/or want as you have to splurge a little on vacation, don't ya?

Now.....if I can just get off work for enough time to get all this together I will be ecstatic!!!!
Hope your week is blessed and full of lovely, bright days.  This post is linked to
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happy Monday

I'm thinking of blue water, and golden sunsets...