Grown Up Pink Lemonade

I've been told that this is the most novel best adult beverage around.....I'll have to let you know after we have it at the Neighborhood Shindig this weekend.  Even though I have my doubts, we are going to be adventurous and try it.  As many rave reviews as I have been given, it better be at least worth the purchase price of the ingredients.
Makes at least six servings!
1 can frozen pink lemonade
6 lite beers
I refilled can ( use the pink lemonade one) of vodka.  Mix thoroughly and allow to chill.
I don't even know if it should be served over ice....but i'm thinking it should.

**UPDATE REVIEW--Makes a LOT of drink.  I mixed the ingredients and then allowed to chill.  I then served the concoction over ice.  I liked the flavor, (but then I occasionally partake in a plain ole beer) but to completely eradicate the taste of beer, I would recommend the addition of another can of concentrated juice mix.  Possibly a mixture of pink lemonade and limeade would be good, especially if you lean towards liking tart things. 
**CONCLUSION--I think I would make this again with the tweaks mentioned above.  This would be great for a party where you might need a punch or "signature drink" that goes a long way inexpensively. It absolutely couldn't be easier to make :o)