My Sunday To Do List

So I'm not sure what in the world possessed me to start back to college after 12 years.  I became a registered nurse in 1999 and haven't done any serious courses besides continuing education since then.  I have decided (with some suggestion from a really good friend) that I am going to take a few required classes that will allow me to enter a rn to bachelor's to master's program.  Needless to say, my list making will become even more important then.  So after I leave work tomorrow, I'm going to accomplish all this stuff.....hopefully!
  1. Peach picking at the local farm.--next weekend ;(
  2. Straighten up pantry and survey freezer for cooking items.
  3. Cooking--chicken and rice, pork scallopini with noodles, baked oatmeal, frsome sort of breakfast casserole for freezer, dough for freezer, chicken salad,easy marinara sauce, dessert for week, zucchini bread.  I may do more depending on what's in the freezer.
  4. Process some squash for freezer.
  5. Take out chicken for a slow marinade in the frig.put the marinade in the frozen chicken.
  6. Straighten bathroom and spray down tubs/showers.
  7. Go to the store if my storage/wax paper stuff is running low.
  8. Fill up gas tank.
  9. Have Boy #1 pick out his prom pictures he wants shown.
  10. Set up online stuff for class.
  11. Put book on line to sell back to someone who might need it.
  12. Pack lunch for Monday.
  13. Call Whitley for info on Mom's gift.
  14. Get the St Pete paper.
  15. Mail Boy #1 graduation invitations.
  16. Order my favorite Keno sandals (they are cheap but SO comfy)--found them on line will order next weekend
  17. Oh yeah, go to work!
  18. Homework for school
That really seems like a lot to do, but hopefully I can streamline and do lots of stuff before 11 am :op

***Update--got lots of stuff finished, decided to do my homework rather than process the squash!