My Boy #2's First Dance

Hey, I'm looking good...
Yes, I will smile for the neighborhood...
Yes, I will pose with my kind sorta sister.
And I can pose as if I'm so cool even I can't stand myself...
Everybody looking good
A state of mass confusion, just line up already!
Or maybe just a cool pose of my own self
Okay, a little better.
I'm standing with girls, I'm standing with girls.  Pretty girls :0)
Yep, that's the one....on the other side.
Old buddies, think alike
The whole gang was there doing....what is it.....
oh it's JAZZ hands!

We couldn't go inside the dance, it was a teacher only chaperoned event with a sign in/sign out sheet, but from my understanding......there was a whole lot a shaking and grooving going on.

Love you Boy #2