Changing It Up Already

I actually post my menu plan for the week on the Sunday that it starts.  I know it would be much easier if I did it for the week prior, but that would definitely confuse "the boys" in my household.  They have become accustomed to looking at the blog and starting dinner before I get here if I'm late.  This is a good thing!  Unfortunately, when we make changes due to taste, laziness time, I sometimes don't update my list.  My goal for this month is to track my changes and reflect it on the menu plan for the week, if only to see how many times we resort to cheap fast food.  Tonight, we had spaghetti (hubbie request) and because of my freezer cooking, it was not a big deal at all :o)  The Angel Chicken will either be carried forward for next week or saved for another time depending on my mood next Saturday when I make the list.
So the moral of the story is full of change and even when I plan and write it down......I have to be flexible.
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