Ranch Green Beans

I was lucky enough that my friends (who have major green thumbs this year) gave me a bag of fresh green beans.  I even helped to pick them.  Although the thought of being self sufficient and having a freezer full of veggies that I can go to instead of having to rely on what the grocery store has.....I am scared, no irrationally afraid, of snakes.  The only reason I could help pick the beans was that my friend's husband assured me he hadn't seen any in the area that we were.  They have a huge garden and my friend has been busy for weeks blanching beans, squash etc.
Anyways, my friend called me the other day and said "don't eat those beans, they didn't get enough water and they aren't good".  I said "no way" they are too beautiful to not taste good, and I was right!  So here is what I did with them:

Almond Ranch Green Beans
3 cups green beans washed, trimmed
3 cloves garlic pressed
2 tbs butter
seasoned salt
2 tbs sliced almonds
2 tsp (or more) dry ranch seasoning
1/4 cup water
Sautee green beans over medium high heat with butter and pressed garlic until beans are bright green.  Stir frequently so that the garlic doesn't burn.  Add ranch seasoning and water and allow to reduce a little.  Stir in almonds, reduce heat, and cover and cook until beans are cooked to desired tenderness.  We like ours on the crisp side.  More water may be added if needed.