Pepperoncini Beef Sandwiches Review

When I walked into the house last night, I fully expected to smell the tantalizing aroma of roast cooking in the crockpot.  Instead, I smelled something that vaguely resembled well....rotten eggs and vinegar or maybe a perm hair solution.  Of course, the boy infested house that I live in didn't notice a thing! (I don't think their smellers are working)  I then decided that I needed to check out the taste of the stuff that I had dumped into the crockpot hastily last night.  Well much to my surprise, it tasted great!  We used kaiser rolls, the cooked meat, and pepper jack cheese, and then popped them under the broiler until brown, bubbly, and toasty.  I followed the recipe here, although I cubed the chuck roast and cut off the majority of the fat prior to placing in the crock pot.  I also added a larger jar of the peppers, because that was what was on sale and in my stockpile already.  It wasn't spicy or even too vinegary tasting.  We will be having this again.  I started the crockpot at 6:15 this morning and it cooked all day until 5:40 when I got home.  The meat was tender but not overcooked.  My only addition next time will be a little salt and pepper.
You should try it.....