An "Oh My" Moment

Communication is a funny in what comes out of my mouth might not be exactly what I'm thinking!  Let's just say when asking the number and 911 in a sentence, some funny glances might  be sent your way.  Working in the hospital for the majority of my career has been a detriment to my knowledge base of what is required when the unfortunate event of calling for an emergency crew is necessary.  I've always initiated or participated in a process that involves calling for any available physician and participating in emergency measures as taught by the American Heart Association.  Forgetting that the 911 system has access to the address of all callers, when faced with this situation, I calmly asked my associate the building number of the office where I now work.  And yes, you can bet your sweet boppy I'll never forget again.  However, I may have said, what is the number immediately after I said that I am calling 911 :0/   She, just as calmly said "Sweetie, just pick up the phone and dial 9-1-1."
As a seasoned nurse, you can imagine how red my face, my neck, etc, etc. was!!  Thankfully, the call was cautionary, however, I may be the subject of some ribbing for days to come.