Yay, It's Monday and I'm off Work To Do List!!

  1. Change the lightbulb in the lamp.
  2. Go to college, pay for class, get ID, parking pass, check to see if can rent book
  3. Call and change appointment for physician
  4. SLEEP LATE   Did it or at least late for me 8am!!!!
  5. Clean up house
  6. Prepare dinner
  7. Get coffee creamer
  8. Order book from Amazon  (if can't rent) Did this on Thursday
  9. Pay bills  Finished finally on Friday!
  10. Organize coupons for shopping today  made life easy and went to Aldi 
  11. Make at least one freezer item for next two week block of work. made a ham and froze two bags
  12. Pick kids up. the neighbors gettin them!
  13. Laundry :o(
  14. Go to Sally for nail polish.
  15. Get gas.
I think this is enough.....haven't made a to do list in a L O N G time, so hopefully I can accomplish everything!