Outback Filet Wedge Salad Review

I followed this recipe except that I added the steak like they do at Outback Restaurant.  Next time I'll make a few changes, but for the most part I didn't.
Looks really pretty and colorful.
I think the bleu cheese was a little strong, the dressing was also.
The balsamic glaze was good, but missing something, I'm not sure what....I think I'll have to have the real thing (Outback version) to compare flavors.
I also think a great substitution for the balsamic glaze and bleu cheese dressing would be to use
Blue Cheese Vinaigrette
Copied from the Marie's website.
This is one of my favorite dressings albeit a little goes a long way caloric wise.
Overall, it is a good week night supper with lots of the ingredients able to be pre made.
We'll make this one again.
I'm just not sure if it has reached"keeper" status just yet though.