Menu Plan Monday 3/14/11--SPRING BREAK EDITION

betty boop rose
Of course, I have to work this week, at least partially, so I am going to have to make a plan to at least have lunches available for my boys.  The oldest one will be working each evening during the week so that he can go to the beach with friends this coming weekend.  Maybe we will just make his plate from the night before and that can be his lunch...hmmmmm.
Anyways, hope your week is full of sunshine and roses....

Baked Potatoes
Green Beans
Crescent Rolls
To Do:  Prepare grocery list for week with coupons, shop. Soak beans for soup

 Green Salad with Ranch Dressing 
Forgot pizza has salad on top :p
Homemade Taco Pizza
To Do:  Make Italian Rolled Meatloaf for freezer, Make bean soup., make chicken enchilada casserole.

Bean Soup
(stay tuned for the recipe review)
Corn Muffins
Clay's Enchilada Casserole
(will post recipe and pictures later in the week)
Green Salad 
To Do:  Nothing--off tomorrow! Yay!

Grilled Cheese and Jalapeno Burgers
(will post review later in week)
Tater Tots
Green Veggie
To Do:  Play tennis with kids, bake cake, who knows?  I'm off today. Yay!

Pasta with Frozen Marinara
(That's probably it, I'll be working late)
To Do:  Put marinated chicken and a steak in the frig for defrost.

Grilled Marinated Chicken and Steak
Cabbage and Onions
Mashed Potatoes
To Do:  Not much, going to let the kids and husband do tomorrow!

Wild Card
Whatever they want to make!

as always....
happy Monday ;o)

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The more that I think about a plan this week, the more I'm not sure if it will materialize.......I might just take a week off and wing it.  I still have all the ingredients for our menu but I just might go rogue.