Inspired or...not?

You know, the best laid plans and all.....
So far this week, I have made everything on my menu plan and's good, kind of.  Let's just say the best thing I've eaten so far is the peanut butter and chocolate baked oatmeal squares that I made for the freezer last week. This recipe suggested to cut squares and freeze for a quick breakfast.  I decided to heat one up for a quick dessert.  Hey, don't judge me ;p, and yes I know it's after my 7pm eating moratorium, but they have oatmeal in them and that should count for something, right? These bars are actually just as good as the day that I made them.  My only suggestion to you, should you make these, would be to definitely serve them at room temperature.  Otherwise, the baking powder flavor is more pronounced than it should be.
I'm having high hopes for the burgers tomorrow, but with the way this week is shaping up...who knows.  I'll keep you posted.
PS--Could you please give me some banana ideas, I seriously need to use some up!