Greek Turkey Burgers

I found this recipe at Make Ahead Meals while I was browsing the web in search of some different things to make and stick in the freezer.  Since my work schedule has become almost  prohibitive in spending any time cooking during the week, my weekend days are spent preparing for the week.  Otherwise, we sink into chaos come dinner time.  I had most of the ingredients for the burgers, except for the Kalamata olives.  Simple, I thought, just add the green ones that need to be used up anyways.  This is a picture of the burger after I flash froze them and just prior to bagging for freezer storage.  We haven't tried them yet, but they smell good already, and they're raw!  They are also an easy meal to put together with no defrosting required.  The directions of this recipe state that you need to defrost the burgers prior to grilling, but I have had great success with just throwing the burgers on the grill and cooking them covered until they are done.  I'll write a full report when I make them over the weekend, so check back.
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