Bisquick Chicken Review

I finally got around to making the chicken dish found here, commonly known around these here parts as Bisquick Chicken.  I remember that my Grandma always made this when we gathered as a family for any type of event, and, that there was never enough to go around.(guess we liked it, huh?)  My only suggestions for this recipe is to:

  1. Add more salt/seasoning.  It might be just a little bland for you.
  2. If you are using a convection oven, you must reduce the heat in order to keep the chicken from burning.  I usually make meats in my convection oven and don't normally have a problem, but this particular dish needs the temp lowered from 425 to about 350 degrees after the initial 35 minute baking/flipping time.
The skin was crispy and the meat was moist---I consider this a great alternative to fried chicken, and a LOT less messy, too. You could use this basic recipe for chicken fingers using boneless, skinless, breasts for an "even better for you fried chicken."  Just make sure to reduce the cooking time accordingly.
I ran to the store to get food for the dog, and by time I returned home, the good picture I was going to take had been replaced by a chicken  
I guess they were hungry! ;)