Yogurt Party

I feel lucky to have been chosen to host a Yoplait Original My Get Together Party!
I was provided with a Get Together kit that included a $15 dollar gift card to purchase yogurt for all of my friends and coworkers, a recipe card, and lots of coupons to hand out to everyone.
I purchased a lot more yogurt than I have in the pictures...so much that even with the 15 people that participated....we had leftovers to enjoy today!

Sara loved the coupons

Cathy and Nancy loved the taste.
Le, Le, Le....ecstasy.
Mike, well he had never had real yogurt (just TCBY) before....but he ended up enjoying it too!
And Danny, well he hid two of the strawberry banana flavors in the frig and claimed them as his own for ever more (or until he eats them)!

The rest of the flavors were out of the picture, but see the allergen list that I cut in half?  Fantastic photographer I am ;p

All the flavors of yogurt are yummy and filled with bone strengthening calcium.  I absolutely suggest some for your frig :0)