Stockpile Management Tips

I think that an important part of stockpiling to take the best advantage of the sales requires a few management tips.

  1. Know what you have in your cabinet and freezer. Take a look in there frequently.  (I know I forget what I have sometimes)
  2. Rotate your items for freshness.
  3. Know what ingredients you will need to buy fresh in order to round out a meal.
  4. Be creative and open to substitution or as I like to say......everything is an embellishment opportunity.
  5. Mark your freezer packages with cooking directions and date that you initially made them.
  6. Make it a family responsibility to remember to take things out of your freezer stockpile the night before to allow them to be ready for cooking the next day.
  7. Periodically consolidate items and/or use up small amounts of things in a smorgasbord type meal.
  8. Just because it's a great deal doesn't mean you should buy the item if your family won't eat it, or you already have 12 of the same item.
  9. Try new recipes....don't be afraid to use ingredients that you have on hand in something that you've never eaten before.  If you have a picky eater, or if it turns into something that you just can't one of the boxes of cereal that you bought for 95% off!
  10. Donate to your local food bank and/or animal shelter when you find a deal that you just can't pass up!  These places are eager and willing to take what it offered to them.  People and animals are in need, especially in this economy.
I went through my cabinet and freezer today and for the 15 minutes of effort that it took, I was able to put everything in great order and make a bag for my local food bank!