Grocery Shopping

Okay, this budget thing is killing me, but I think I have learned some lessons this month.  I had to shopped today, because I had some coupons that were $5 off a purchase that were only good today.  The grocery store that I shop in honors other store coupons so....right off the top of my total, I had a $15 credit. I also had a LOT of store coupons that could be combined with manufacturer's coupons thereby increasing my savings today significantly. This final shop will be my last for February and since I am shooting for full disclosure, I'll have a good estimate of what we really spend for each month.  I'm hoping that I can shave some more $'s off by shopping smart and continuing meal planning.  I also have a large stockpile that I intend to utilize over the next month.

February 19

TOTAL SPENT:  $417.07
TOTAL SAVED:  $358.98

RESULTS--$17.07 :(  over budget
SAVED ROUGHLY 86% this month :).