Grocery Shopping

Oh, I definitely went over this week for my $100 budget, but I'll make up this week because we are stocked for meats.  There was a sale on rib roasts at a local store, and you just can't beat $4.49/pound for ribeye steaks (I think the cheapest I've ever seen it was $3.99). It usually runs for $6.99-$8.99/pound.  Anyways, here are the totals:

Winn Dixie
1 whole ribeye roast cut into 14 inch and one half steaks
SPENT:  $33.16 (half of $66.32-shared steaks with a neighbor)
SAVED:  $44.71 (figured at $6.99/pound

2 bottles A-1 sauce
2 packages paper plates
1 package paper bowls
1 personal products
2 packages cream cheese
2 bottles barbeque sauce
1/2 gallon organic milk
SPENT:  $18.12
SAVED:  $17.42

This week total--$123.95 ($23.95 over budget)
Total Saved--$129.25